Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently asked Questions about the FLL Qualifier tournament.  If you do not find the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Who is the tournament point of contact and what is their contact information?

Tournament Director:  Jay Jordan
cell:  972-679-0998 (best)
Robotics Lab:  214-672-9200 x4214

 What is the school name and where is it located?

Fellowship Christian Academy
The school address can be found on the Contact page.

 What time can our team check-in and setup in the pits?

Please see the tournament schedule posted here.

Will concessions be available for purchase?

Concession items will be available for purchase including lunch items.

Will my team have time to leave the school to go get lunch?

Most likely not. The schedule is very tight and your team may have a match or judging session immediately before and after lunch.  Lunch options are available for purchase at our concession stand.  Outside food is allowed and there will be a designated dining area setup.

What other lunch options are available?

There are several fast-food restaurants in close proximity to FCA and several more within two miles of the school.  Here is a map of some of the Restaurants near FCA

Does the tournament host site require any Release/Liability Waivers?

FCA only requires the FIRST (FIRST LEGO League) Official Roster from your FIRST Team Dashboard.

Where do we park and does it cost to park or do we require any sort of permit to park?

Parking is free and will be on the East side of the building (side without the playground), with overflow parking available on the North and West sides of the building.  No parking permits are required.  Here is an FCA_Campus_Map which shows the available parking.

Can family members, friends and team supporters come watch the tournament?  How much does admission cost?

Admission is free.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Will WIFI or Wireless Internet Access be available?

The facility does have public WIFI available.  Please be advised that you should not rely on the schools WIFI Internet access for your team’s Project presentation.  The WIFI public Internet access will not be guaranteed by the host, Fellowship Christian Academy.

What are the different parts of the tournament?  Are all parts of the tournament open to spectators?

The tournament competition is comprised of 4 parts:

  • Robot Games – will be in the gym and is open to all spectators
  • Project Judging – Closed judging sessions in classrooms.  Team members only, no coaches or spectators
  • Robot Design Judging – Closed judging sessions in classrooms.  Team members only, no coaches or spectators
  • Core Values Judging – Closed judging sessions in classrooms.  Team members only, no coaches or spectators

What equipment can our team bring to tournament?

Teams will be assigned a pit area and can setup the following in their pit area:

Robot Kits
Practice Field
AV Equipment
Anything they need for their project presentation

No extension cords will be allowed to be run in the pits for safety reasons.  At least two Charging Stations will be provided in the Pits for electronics charging.  No cell phone charging is allowed at Charging Stations.

Can we setup our field in our Pit?

You can setup your own field in your Pit.  Teams can choose their Pit Setup of either a 6’ rectangular table and six chairs or just six chairs within their Pit in order to allow room for setup of a field on the ground in the middle of their Pit.  Teams can also setup their field on top of the rectangular table if they would like.  However the field must be setup within the teams assigned Pit.

Will there be Practice Fields Available?

There will be two practice fields available in the Pit Area.  The practice fields will only have the field mats with no mission modules attached.  Teams will need to bring their own mission modules to the practice tables.  Practice tables will be shared resources.

Are spectators allowed in the Pit Area or the Judging Area?

The Pit Area (cafeteria) and the Judging Area (upstairs classrooms) is off-limits to all spectators.  Only teams, coaches and tournament personnel are allowed in the Pit Area and Judging Area.  Team members and coaches will be given name tags upon check-in.  No team member or coach will be allowed to enter the Pit Area or Judging Area without a name tag.

Are Coaches allowed in the Judging Rooms?

Per FLL rules, coaches are not allowed in the judging rooms during their teams judging sessions. Coaches are welcome to have one or more of the team members record the Judging sessions for later review.

Will food or drinks be allowed in the Pit Area or Judging Area?

NO food or drinks will be allowed in the Pit Area or Judging Area.

Are there elevators within the facility?

There are elevators within the facility.  However you will not be able to access them to get to the Judging Area which is located in the upstairs classrooms.  If you have equipment that you need to bring upstairs for your project presentation you will need to carry it up the stairs.  Adults can assist with carrying the equipment to the top of the stairs, but they will not be allowed to enter the Judging Area unless they are wearing a Coaches name tag.  If you have extenuating circumstances that require the use of the elevator, please let the Tournament Director know as soon as possible.

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